Equipment Announcement: BR Ohio Installs Hang 246-10/30 Paper Drilling Machine

The Hang 246-10/30 flexible high-speed inline paper drilling machine is up and running at BR Ohio. This paper drilling machine offers advanced technology for fast, precise, and efficient paper drilling, which translates to higher quality, increased volume, and cost-effectiveness for BR Printers’ clients. It’s 3-hole punch through book covers and pages allows for interior pages to be torn out and placed in a 3-ring binder. 

The advanced and unique technological features of this equipment include: 

  • Advanced Drill Head Technology: The dynamic servo drive technology allows for precise control over the up and down movement of the drill heads, ensuring a gentle touch during drilling. 
  • Fine-Tuned Drilling Depth: The servo drive enables drilling depth adjustments in incredibly precise increments of 0.0039 inches, ensuring high-precision drilling. 
  • Customizable Drill Bit Rotation: The drill bit rotation speed can be tailored independently of the product’s in-and-out stroke. 
  • Variable Feed Speed: Using a dynamic servo motor drive, the equipment maintains high transportation speed while ensuring smooth and accurate positioning of the piles. 
  • Efficient Setup Saving: Crucial format sizes and motor settings can be effortlessly stored on the touchscreen monitor for swift setup. 
  • Tailored Pile Height Positioning: The machine allows initial drilling head positioning based on the individual pile height, eliminating unnecessary drilling and boosting productivity. 
  • Simplified Drill Head Replacement: The direct tangential drive chain simplifies the process of adjusting and replacing drill heads. 
  • Optimized Drill Bit Cooling and Lubrication: The silicone-based cooling system ensures both efficient lubrication and cooling of the drill bits. 
  • Drill Bit Protection and Clean Cuts: The equipment features drill breakage control and an automatic indexing drilling matrix to safeguard the drill bits and guarantee clean cuts. 
  • Modern Connectivity Standards: Equipped with a PLC and VPN-capable remote connection, the equipment allows for remote monitoring and control, meeting the latest technological standards. 

With a remarkable output capability of 2000 piles per hour, coupled with top-tier quality and cost-effectiveness, BR Ohio is enthusiastic about the significant advantages this new equipment brings to our clients. BR Ohio is a great location for this piece of equipment due to its comprehensive offerings encompassing 4-color book printing, binding, and fulfillment solutions. This versatile facility manages everything from short-run print-on-demand titles to inaugural long printings or mid-range quantity reprints. 

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