Equipment Announcement: RMGT 8-Color 9 Series Perfecting Offset Press

BR Printers is thrilled to announce the addition of an RMGT 8-color 9 Series perfecting offset press that has been delivered and installed by Graphco, a distributor of the leading 8-UP sheetfed press in North America, to BR Ohio in Cincinnati. This installation will solidify BR’s “high-quality, full-color printing capabilities” says John Edwards, President of BR East. The final calibration of the new press features Benford LED curing for instantaneous drying as well as INSTA.COLOR makeready technology with SMART simultaneous auto plate changing. This allows our team in Ohio to move between jobs without interruption using the Automatic Smart Assist Program System.

tim ruppert, br printers“We have finished the ‘finger-printing’ process, and the press now is in full production and printing beautifully,” reported Tim Ruppert, President of BR Ohio. Able to reproduce book and catalog quantities from as few as 50 to as many as 50,000 copies, the RMGT 9 Series replaces a vintage press that served the Ohio printer for over 30 years.

“Now we can more effectively compete in the shorter run (under 5,000), 4-color book market due to the perfect fit 16-page signature sheet configuration,” continues Ruppert. “The newer press basically triples our sheetfed capacity because its maximum speed tops out at 13,000 sheets per hour and as a perfecting press prints double-sided work at double the speed of the older press.”

“The company bought the RMGT 920PF-8+LED to further solidify its high-quality, full-color printing capabilities,” observes John Edwards, President of BR East. “This is not only an 8-up press, but it can also run 16-up on smaller trim sizes.”

john edwards, ngs, br printers“Moving from Job A to Job B in a few minutes also opens up our schedule,” states Edwards, “so our speed to market advantage over others has already become a huge selling point. Our finishing capabilities compete well, and now we have the horsepower in the pressroom to load up our binders.” 

BR as a whole is eager to see how this new equipment will complement the company’s trajectory in the years ahead.  

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