Technology Solutions

Experience unparalleled efficiency and clarity in your projects with our integrated technology and custom-made storefront solutions. Our collective of experts seamlessly integrates our solutions with your existing systems, optimizing your approach to project management. Elevate your business operations with BR's advanced solutions:
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  • API
  • XML
  • CSV
  • EDI
  • Email
  • FTP
  • AWS

BR Integration

Based on your needs, we’ll deliver solutions that facilitate improved workflow and communication.

  • BR Connect
    A customized application allowing for unique Job specifications, PDF creation, preflight, and file delivery. Connect moves the function of PDF preflight upstream. Submitted files are inspected according to an agreed upon specifications. File creators and production teams are assured there will be no surprises during preflight.
  • BR A2A
    Any-to-Any connectivity integrates with your current ecosystem. Placing print orders, facilitating instructions and receiving updates made easy in the workflow tools you already know.
  • Custom branded web portals and storefronts
    Franchise, agent based, or sales organizations benefit from allowing their users direct ordering access of printed and promotional materials. Maintain brand consistency from order to order by providing custom designed templates that allow for areas of personalization.

The BR Difference

Employ tech-based efficiencies

Time saving technology solutions above and beyond what other printers can do.

Centralized and secure

Our technology integrations provide a secure connection and simplified workflow, with one place to upload files for all BR locations and projects.

Never deliver a bad file again

Supporting your preflight requirements, including instant, easy-to-understand feedback. Truly control your file delivery while reducing delays in the production schedule.

Make it easy

Custom storefronts provide users with pre-approved product templates, standardized branding, and the ability to customize, order, and pay on-site.

Streamline workflows

Our technology solutions eliminate rework, confusion and frustration, creating a more streamlined workflow and efficient operation.

Making it Easier to Get it Done

From off the shelf to custom built, BR simplifies and automates tasks creating improved operational efficiencies for your organization.