Environmental Statement

It’s in all of our best interest to be environmentally responsible.

We are as passionate about the environment as we are about the quality of our products, services, and resources that drive our customers’ success. As a printing company, we choose to make responsible choices. We have built our business on sensible alternatives to help sustain our local and global environment. We are committed to preserving the clean environment and natural beauty in which we work and play every day.

Digital printing’s smaller carbon footprint positively impacts the environment by reducing much of the physical and chemical waste associated with offset printing. Since digital equipment doesn’t require setups, scrap paper waste is often lower than 5% per project. In addition, the printing process uses electronic charges (ink jet) or toner to print, thereby eliminating the use of petroleum-based inks and chemical solvents. This method of printing negates the use of metal plates and rubber blankets, an added environmental savings.

In our offset printing operation, we are committed to aggressively reducing our carbon footprint and follow all the DNR Air Emissions Compliance Requirements maintaining an air quality destruction rate above 98%. In addition, all the materials used within the plant are recycled including paper, inks, solvents, cardboard, plates, glue and wire. We are certified as an SFI Company, which allows us to produce specific jobs using the chain of custody process for responsible forest management.

In every facility BR actively promotes digital proofing and sign offs. The elimination of hard copy proofs reduces the need for chemicals, substrates and transportation. In addition, we actively recycle paper waste, printing plates, toner, corrugated and pallets.

We take our environmental actions seriously, ensuring they are designed to reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever and whenever possible. We believe it’s our duty to reduce our impact on the land with less energy consumption and less waste.

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