Equipment Announcement: Two HP PageWide Web Presses T240 HD Go Live

At BR Printers, we are dedicated to expanding alongside our valued clients and partners. As our customer base continues to grow, we’ve recognized the need for increased digital capacity to meet demand. As a result, we’ve expanded our arsenal of digital presses with the installation of two HP PageWide Web Presses T240 HD, installed at BR San Jose and BR Kentucky. These PageWide presses raise the standard of quality and production volume for a variety of our book and commercial print lanes.

Our journey with HP PageWide Web Press’s started with the installation of the HP T230 in San Jose, California. Since then, our digital capacity has significantly grown with the addition of three HP T240 presses.

Vice President of BR West and Chief Strategy Officer of BR Printers, David Gall, shares that the goal for these equipment installations “was to create a unified, connected solution that complements offset facilities, expedites production, and delivers high-quality prints.” He continued, “Since purchasing our new HP digital presses, we’ve been able to exceed these priorities.”

When speaking on the latest additions, Adam DeMaestri, CEO and President of BR Printers stated: “The continued investment into HP PageWide Web Presses is creating new possibilities for our clients through high-volume and high-quality digital printing, resulting in greater ROI for their print projects. Our digital print portfolio has been significantly strengthened with the addition of these presses, demonstrating our dedication to making infrastructure investments in the latest technologies. Our diverse customer base will reap the benefits of these investments, as they enable BR to provide cutting-edge digital solutions to meet our client’s growing needs.” 

By incorporating the HP PageWide Web Presses, we have fortified our digital redundancy nationwide, streamlined our manufacturing process, and optimized the efficiency of our supply chain. In San Jose, California, the T230 broke a North American production record by producing 55 million pages in March ’23 and the BR team intends to have the same competitive success with the new HP installations.  

Greg Fredwest, Plant Manager, at BR Printers, also stated, “With these digital print additions, we’ve had the opportunity to be more nimble, more innovative, and more resilient in this fast-paced, competitive environment.” These installations bring forth further innovation in the form of their support for our sustainability efforts at BR. The HP PageWide Web Presses T240 HD comes equipped with energy-efficient features such as automatic shut-off, power-saving modes, and the use of water-based inks. 

BR Printers will continue to grow with and for our customers. We have the quality, capacity, and outstanding team of hardworking professionals to enhance and optimize your print production. Based in San Jose, CA, with facilities in San Diego, CA, Denver, CO, Appleton, WI, Cincinnati, OH, and Independence, KY, BR is a provider of print and marketing services, promotional products, value chain, and logistics management to marketers and the publishing industry’s most recognizable names. BR’s national footprint, combined with a solution-centric focus, allows it to leverage data and technology while maintaining an appreciation and respect for traditional print craftsmanship. 

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