Equipment Announcement: Installation of Muller Martini Vareo PRO Binder & InfiniTrim

muller martini equipment installations at br printers

BR Printers is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Muller Martini, a renowned global manufacturer of innovative print finishing solutions. As part of this partnership, BR Printers has purchased the state-of-the-art Vareo PRO binder and InfiniTrim trimmer, two highly advanced binding and trimming solutions, for its Independence, KY location. These revolutionary machines introduce automation and precision to the production process, ensuring unparalleled quality and efficiency. 

“This partnership with Muller Martini is a monumental milestone that I’ve eagerly anticipated throughout my career,” said Adam DeMaestri, CEO and President of BR Printers. “It not only represents a significant milestone for BR Printers but also serves as a testament to the remarkable progress we’ve made over the past five years. My goal is to forge an exclusive partnership with Muller Martini to supply all future finishing equipment in our book lanes, ensuring unparalleled quality and innovation.” 

“It is an honor to partner with a company like BR Printers. We started a friendship built on a foundation of mutual respect and out of that we have now become partners in helping move both our organizations forward,” states Andy Fetherman, President, and CEO of Muller Martini Corp. 

“The versatile Vareo PRO binder provides exceptional plug-and-play capabilities, offering a seamless integration process with our digital capacity at BR Kentucky. The ability to operate two binding lines with a single trimmer is a game-changer, eliminating a major bottleneck in the production process,” noted John Edwards, President of BR East. “Observing the line in action over the past few weeks has left a lasting impression. Watching 20 different books, each with unique shapes and sizes, effortlessly enter the line has been a truly delightful experience.” 

“One of the standout features of the Vareo Pro installation is the InfiniTrim’s abilities. By efficiently trimming off waste, significant cost savings are achieved, contributing to a more sustainable print production process,” reported Greg Fredwest, Plant Manager of BR Kentucky. “Additionally, the equipment’s unique book pickup mechanism, which pulls the book from the spine instead of pushing it, ensures impeccable formatting and setup. This versatility allows for standardized operations, minimizing the need for extensive upfront changes and expediting the implementation process.” 

The Vareo PRO binder and InfiniTrim are advanced book-finishing solutions offered by Muller Martini. The Vareo PRO binder is a versatile machine that provides exceptional binding quality for various print runs, including medium, short, and ultra-short runs down to just one copy. It offers outstanding automation and efficiency in the binding process. The InfiniTrim three-knife trimmer complements the Vareo PRO binder by automatically trimming print runs of any book size and thickness, eliminating the need for manual operation. Together, these innovative machines ensure precise and efficient book finishing, resulting in high-quality products and cost savings in the print production process. 

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