BR Adds Digital Web Capacity with Installation of an HP PageWide T240 HD Press

San Jose, CA September 21, 2020 — BR Printers is adding an HP PageWide Web Press T240  HD to its Independence, Kentucky manufacturing facility. The installation of the T240 in Kentucky compliments the capabilities of the HP T230 in BR’s San Jose, California facility. The new press adds capacity and enhances manufacturing productivity, versatility, and print  quality across a broad range of commercial applications.  

HP thermal inkjet technology raises the bar in digital color quality, delivering greater image  detail, resulting in quality ideal for demanding applications in publishing, direct mail, and  commercial print. 

“We anticipate winning more work due to the unprecedented versatility of this equipment,” says  BR President and CEO Adam DeMaestri. “This investment benefits all our publishing and  marketing clients with 100% variable high-quality text, full coverage images, and attention grabbing graphics.” 

High-quality prints are achievable on every category of media and production inkjet papers. Optimized press uptime and solid productivity will provide the increase capacity needed to meet  tight client deadlines. 

“Building long-lasting, successful partnerships with our Print Service Providers is paramount to  HP, and we are very pleased to support the growth at BR Printers with a second HP PageWide  Web Press; built for productivity and exceptional uptime, helping ensure tight turn-around times  

which their business demands,” states Carles Farre, vice president and general manager, HP  PageWide Press. 

“I’m looking forward to print duplex speeds of up to 500 ft per minute in full color with minimal  print defects, and reduced waste,” explains Jeff Royer, VP Operations in Kentucky, “as well as  producing high print quality on a broad set of coated and uncoated papers.” 

The HP PageWide T240 HD allows BR customers to achieve outstanding image quality on a  diverse range of products — Books, Catalogs, Magazines, Commercial Marketing Collateral,  Direct Mail, High Color Advertising, and Transactional Print.

About BR Printers:  

Based in San Jose, CA. with plants in Denver, CO and Independence, KY, BR is a provider of  print and marketing services, value chain and logistics management to marketers and the  publishing industry’s most recognizable names. The company’s national footprint, combined  with a solution-centric focus, allows it to leverage data and technology while maintaining an  appreciation and respect for traditional print craftsmanship.  

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