How to Craft an Effective Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

You’ve heard about the types of direct mail and seen our step-by-step guide to building a direct mail campaign, but today we’ll be diving into the very first step in the direct mail marketing strategy building process, identifying goals, and building a strategy to reach those campaign goals.  

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At BR Printers, we provide comprehensive commercial print services, from conceptualization to production, with a focus on precision, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, we ensure exceptional results. Our pre-press services ensure top-notch file output, while our advanced printing presses and mailing services maximize the impact of direct mail marketing campaigns. With these offerings, we’ve learned a lot from our clients and their direct mail campaigns that we’re sharing with you! 

Common Goals & Objectives 

There are many reasons why companies include direct mail in their marketing mix. It’s important to identify what your marketing goals are before you begin planning. This makes the campaign process easier, more intentional, and more effective. Today, we’ll go over some of the most common goals and objectives companies identify for each direct mail marketing campaign. 

  • Build Brand Awareness 
  • Improve Existing Customer Relationships 
  • Generate New Leads 
  • Reach Lost Customers 
  • Compliment Digital Campaigns 
  • Build Customer Loyalty 
  • Reach Professional Contacts at the Office 

How to Reach Those Goals & Objectives 

Once you’ve pinpointed the goal of your direct marketing campaign, it’s time to strategize. Before you even begin creating a mailing list, see the direct mail marketing strategies and tips below depending on the goal and objective your team is leaning towards. This can help you determine what list you need, what to mail, and how to design your direct mailer 

Build Brand Awareness 

Many companies looking to build brand awareness want to reach mass audiences. To do this, the direct mail marketing list you’ll want to consider is Every Door Direct Mail, also known as EDDM. EDDM strategically delivers brand messages directly to targeted neighborhoods, creating widespread brand awareness. By reaching mass audiences through personalized mail, EDDM effectively builds loyalty and engagement, amplifying a brand’s presence in local communities and fostering lasting connections. 

If you’re looking to build brand awareness, don’t miss an opportunity to add branding elements to your direct mailer. Your brand’s colors, logos, patterns, mascots, social media icons, links, and slogans are not only a great way to fill space, but they also boost awareness through brand recognition and recall. Tap into your brand’s strengths with these elements to leave a lasting positive impression.   

Improve Existing Customer Relationships 

The easiest thing about a direct mail marketing piece that is intended to reach existing customers, is you probably already have the list of contact information you need. That list can be categorized and cleaned based on which existing customers you’d like to reach directly, but you won’t need to purchase any type of list.  

When sending direct mail to existing customers, be consistent. Send a direct mail piece weekly, monthly, or quarterly to keep your relationship steady. On these pieces, be sure to create clear calls to action: IE Shop Fall, Request a Quote, Order Today. These customers know who you are, so they don’t need a lot of information. You simply need to make it clear what action you want them to take.  

Even if these customers are receiving or viewing digital marketing items on social media or websites, retargeting customers through a tangible medium reinforces brand messaging, enhances recall, and breaks through the digital clutter.  

Generate New Leads 

With a marketing goal of generating new leads, there’s a lot of room for creative strategies. Starting with what list to mail your direct mail marketing piece to. One option is to reach a large geographic area with EDDM. This is a great way to get your brand in the hands of a large group of potential customers, although it can be pricy and you’re not targeting a specific audience. Another avenue is using a targeting mailing list; a list of contacts who fit into a specific potential customer demographic. By narrowing your list down by a few demographics, you can eliminate waste and reach warmer leads. Some examples of targeted mailing lists of consumers to consider are:  

  • New Movers 
  • Renters 
  • Homeowners 
  • High Income 
  • Sports Enthusiasts 
  • Age 
  • Gender 
  • Marital Status 
  • Parents 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Pet Owners 

Reach Lost Customers 

Your company has the opportunity to reconnect with lost customers using direct mail pieces. By utilizing a list of consumers already acquainted with your brand, all you need to do is spark their interest and remind them of your brand’s value. 

If your customers are subscribers or members, reconnect through a renewal benefit or discount. For companies with a local physical location, offer lost customers limited time offers, discounts, and giveaways to draw them into your location. An e-commerce store may find success by sending a lost customer a free sample of a new product or the product they purchased before. Many companies write a handwritten note, letter, or custom envelope to add a personal touch to their mailing piece. Another way to grab the attention of an old customer is to share exciting news, major announcements, new products, sales, awards, and achievements. For example, at BR Printers our capabilities and capacity are always advancing. This is appealing to lost customers, which is why we love sharing new equipment with our audience to show them we have new capacity and equipment for any job they need.  

Compliment Digital Campaigns 

To reinforce the digital campaigns your company is already running, simply repurpose and mirror the messaging, target audience, and design of your digital campaigns. You can also add calls to action that direct customers to your digital platforms. Add to your digital campaign by sharing something exclusive that hasn’t been shared yet on digital platforms.  

Build Customer Loyalty 

Building customer loyalty is a very popular and important goal for direct mail marketing campaigns. This marketing goal is very similar to the goal of improving existing customer relationships. You’ll use your current customer list but target your most loyal customers. This can be as large or small as you’d like meaning you could include customers who have made one reorder or been a client for years.  

With this list, show gratitude through thank you notes. Go the extra mile with a handwritten or signed message thanking customers for their loyalty. Along with a thank you card, many companies opt to send holiday gifts or postcards to build loyalty. Direct mail pieces during the holidays are a perfect opportunity to not only say thank you but also share a little about the current year’s successes and exciting news about the year to come. One final strategy to build customer loyalty is to offer loyal customers exclusive deals and information that other customers and the public don’t have. Exclusive deals make customers feel valued and appreciated. 

Reach Professional Contacts at the Office 

If you’re looking to reach professional contacts at their office address, you’ll have a few hurdles to jump through. For your mail piece to successfully arrive on your customer’s desk, personalize the piece of mail with the recipient’s name and company.  Also, try to send a piece of mail in an envelope instead of a self-mailer. Mail in an envelope has a more professional appearance, enhancing the perception of the piece’s importance so it doesn’t get thrown out before it’s delivered. Lastly, follow up! Send your contact an email or message to see if they received your direct mail piece.  

Let BR Printers Elevate Your Direct Mail Campaign 

Partner with BR Printers to take your direct mail campaign to new heights. Our expertise, precision, and dedication ensure your marketing goals are met with impactful results. Let’s collaborate on a direct mail strategy that resonates with your audience and drives success. 

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