How to Build a Direct Mail Campaign

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Considering a direct mail marketing campaign for your business? We’ve got everything you need to know about the direct mail process. Here at BR Printers, our direct mail services bring compelling pieces of marketing mail to the doorsteps of future customers daily for companies across the country. From a small business to an international chain and everything in between, this step-by-step process put our customers on the path to success with their direct marketing.  

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Step 1: Set Goals for Your Direct Mail Campaign 

When planning your direct mail campaign, it’s crucial to establish clear objectives. These goals can include building brand awareness, improving customer relationships, and generating new leads to boost your business’s overall success. Once these goals are established, you’re ready to translate them into your marketing message and concept.   

Step 2: Create Your Mailing List 

To effectively reach your target audience, you need a well-curated mailing list. We see customers turning to a variety of options, including EDDM, saturation mailing, and database mailing. 

Step 3: Decide What to Mail 

During this step of the direct mail process, you’ll choose the type of direct mail piece that will have the most effective and impactful delivery for your marketing strategy. Types of direct mail can encompass postcards, catalogs, brochures, menus, door hangers, flyers, and coupon cards. 

Step 4: Design Your Mail Piece 

Conceptualize and design a direct mailer that will capture the attention of your audience and support your marketing effort. Here at BR Printers, many of our customers are thrilled to utilize our in-house creative services, turning to our support throughout the whole design process.  

Step 5: Print & Mail Your Piece 

High-quality prints impact your customers sensory experience with your piece of marketing mail when it arrives on their doorstep, giving it the extra edge to stand out from competitors. Our facility is equipped with direct mailing, variable data capabilities, and a combination of offset and printing presses that allow us to consistently produce vibrant, high-quality prints that exceed customer expectations.   

Step 6: Measure the Success of Your Campaign 

One of the most important but often overlooked steps is measuring the success of your direct mail marketing campaign. This mail tracking is done through data analytics and ROI with in-house data specialists.  

Experience Direct Mail Excellence with BR Printers 

With BR Printers as your direct mail partner, you’ll experience excellence in every aspect of your campaign, from concept to delivery. Download our infographic to share and refer to this step-by-step process for your next successful direct mail campaign. 

Based in San Jose, CA, with facilities in San Diego, CA, Denver, CO, Appleton, WI, Cincinnati, OH, and Independence, KY, BR is a provider of book, commercial, and large format printing and marketing services, packaging, promotional products, value chain, and logistics management to marketers and the publishing industry’s most recognizable names. BR’s national footprint, combined with a solution-centric focus, allows it to leverage data and technology while maintaining an appreciation and respect for traditional print craftsmanship. 


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