2023 State of Print: Shifts & Predictions

The 2023 State of Print covers many challenges and modernizations facing the ever-changing printing industry. Our educational insights cover topics from the future of printing technology, business practices, and customer demand is growing. We hope to empower our clients and peers with ideas to assist in adapting to the print trends of this shifting market.   

Our BR marketing team in collaboration with printing industry experts and sales leaders of BR Printers, Bog Durgy and Steve Duvanich bring these findings to your hands. 

One constant trend in the print industry is change. As this industry evolves, we understand the importance to stay agile and adapt to market shifts.

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Substrate Availability and Pricing

Substrate availability and pricing has been top of mind in the industry over the past few years, with the price of paper still on the rise. Bouncing back from lockdown, demand for paper increased faster than supply was able to produce. Hear Durgy and Duvanich’s direct insights on substrate availability and pricing.

The Shift: In late 2022 we saw a slight stabilization of demand and supply, with coated and uncoated stocks being replenished to pre-pandemic availability. 

The Prediction: 2023 will be a barometer for the new standard of substrate pricing for years to come. With labor costs skyrocketing and the global supply chain still fighting to get back on track, this year will set the stage for what our industry should expect in pricing for years to come. 

Workflow Automation & Digital Enhancements 

The special effects and ease of flow that can be achieved with a digitally enhanced and automated press breathe new excitement into print media and moves the printer and buyer away from a conversation centered around the price, and toward one centered around unique capabilities and processes. Hear Durgy and Duvanich’s direct insights on workflow automation and digital enhancements.

The Shift: Publishers and print buyers alike continue to seek optimized and enhanced methods of print production. Easing the process to execute the print marketing and communication for their target audiences. 

The Prediction: Workflow automation and digital enhancements are what will separate the printers of the past and the printers of the future. As the world around us continues to revolutionize with technological advancement, it has been a long time coming for printing companies and the print industry as a whole to emerge along with it. 

Trade Print 

The trade print sector saw the largest spike during the lockdown. Emerging past the pandemic, trade print is beginning to see a decrease in demand. Hear Durgy and Duvanich’s direct insights on the state of trade print.

The Shift: Demand for trade print remains above pre-pandemic levels. That said, global hubs such as Amazon significantly reduced their inventory over Q3 and Q4 in 2022. 

The Prediction: Digital book printing companies will have the advantage to adapt to shorter runs in the trade market and reduce the risk of sitting on inventory. It’s a changing of the guards in trade print to see who can excel at reducing risk and producing precisely what demand is requesting.

Education Print 

The pandemic hit the educational print sector the hardest. That said, printed books remain vital, and in most cases remain the preferred format for education. Surveys and studies alike, often find students prefer learning from a tangible book rather than in a digital format. Hear Durgy and Duvanich’s direct insights on the state of education print.

The Shift: Educational demand has seen a resurgence and growth beyond pre-pandemic levels. The pandemic showed the importance of the educational print sector. 

The Prediction: In 2023, and for years to come, the industry can anticipate educational print to be the most immensely growing sector. Print trends and professionals predict that demand will stay strong in redesigning the curriculum to align with revisions, additions, and edits to stay consistent with local, state, and federal education policies. 

What Publishers Should Be Asking in 2023   

  1. What sector of the publishing market brings in the majority of our business?
  2. How can we serve those sectors best? 
  3. How does digital print fit into your strategy when demand is contracting ?
  4. How far ahead have we planned? 
  5. Can we standardize our paper types? 

The Future of BR Printers

In 2023, BR Printers is excited to strengthen redundancy with the ability to offer reliability. We have some big announcements around the corner that will significantly enhance our digital and web capabilities. Stay tuned to BR’s latest announcements, industry trends, news, and more by checking out our website and following us on our socials.