State of Print: Substrate Availability and Pricing

This State of Print series will highlight and cover various printing industry topics as we enter 2023. The rate of change in the print industry regarding the future of printing technology, business practices, and customer demand is growing. The landscape of the print industry already looks vastly different from just a few years ago. Printing industry experts and sales leaders of BR Printers, Bog Durgy and Steve Duvanich, will dive into hot topics ranging from from educational and trade printing demand conditions to digital printing technology, to empower our clients and peers with ideas to assist in adapting to this changing market. Discussion Topic: Substrate Availability & Pricing Discussion Question: Any predictions or forecasting for what our industry should expect regarding substrate availability and pricing?




steve duvanich, br printers“Substrate availability and pricing. I mean obviously we’re fighting a lot of headwinds in inflation. We’re seeing materials costs and labor costs through the roof; particularly paper costs which is a prime um component of what we do. Paper pricing is up you know, 40, 50, 60 percent over the last year. Cover pricing is up even more than that. So that’s capturing our materials making sure we stay holding our costs and passing on increases of those materials onto our customers wherever possible. The offset papers, the uncoated stuff, the 50s and 60s of the world, availability is loosening it up. We’re able to get that coated market. Your masks, your silks, your glosses, are still going to be supply chain challenged over the next couple years.”

– Steve Duvanich Director, Enterprise Sales

“Paper has loosened up tremendously which is an indicator demand is stabilizing. Paper is not going to be the reason we’re not going to sell books. Uncoated which, is most of what we do, white uncoated white. So your 50 pound, your 60 pound, your 70 pound offset there’s not concern about availability in the coming year. It’s available. Coated stocks, a real coat in stock is a gloss or enamel that’s high gloss. Very expensive glossy paper is becoming really hard to get and will continue to be hard. There’s no “around the corner it’s going to get better” from everything I read this is it. This is the new reality. You’re going to pay a lot more for that paper.”

-Bob Durgy SVP, Business Development

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