2023 State of Print: Workflow Automation & Digital Enhancements

This State of Print series will highlight and cover various printing industry topics as we enter 2023. The rate of change in the print industry regarding the future of printing technology, business practices, and customer demand is growing. The landscape of the print industry already looks vastly different from just a few years ago. Printing industry experts and sales leaders of BR Printers, Bog Durgy and Steve Duvanich, will dive into hot topics ranging from demand conditions to digital printing technology , to empower our clients and peers with ideas to assist in adapting to this changing market. Discussion Topic: Workflow Automation & Digital Enhancements. Discussion Question: With widespread investment in optimizing digital print capabilities, what does the evolution to increasing digital workload look like?



“As we prepare for 2023, the discussion to be had is how to fortify digital printing strategies with our customers. Proactively having conversations about what our clients anticipate and if digital fits into their strategy when demand alters. Having the
discussions to say: here’s what we’re seeing, here’s what we anticipate, and let’s have the conversation now to grow together and optimize output. I’m excited about the digital capacity we’re bringing on in 2023. True redundancy across each of our facilities with the continued ability to offer reliability. That is BR’s opportunity. I’m equally as excited about our workflow automation. Our IT growth and integrations have been awesome and believe that 2023 is when we take the next step. Empowering our customers with real-time and interactive data, it’s a major priority for us.”

Bob Durgy
SVP of Business Development

“I anticipate in the technological evolution over the next few years, the digital workload will compete as an offset replacement at higher quantities. I don’t think we’re quite there yet. We are pushing the boundaries of digital to a higher quantity as a web replacement. There is a range that we’re looking to push our digital quantities up that could easily take a lower run off the webs and allow them to free up for those longer runs. As we grow and increase our number of titles, having a hands-off approach to getting those files into through prep into production load into the press, in a hands-off environment is going to be key. Minimizing the amount of preparation time and the number of hands it needs to be transferred between before uploading to the press is an exciting evolution. We’re building out automation systems to handle the ins and outs and loading of that work is going to be key as we look to increase our volume moving ahead.”

Steve Duvanich
Director, Enterprise Sales

About BR Printers

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