Standard Postcard Size Guide

We have all the common postcard printing sizes and their purposes here in this article. When you’re ready for printing services, contact us. We might be the right fit for your project!  Postcards are our specialty here at BR Printers 


What are postcards used for?  

Direct mail postcards are a little different than the postcards you’d pick up on your tropical vacation. Businesses and professionals now turn to postcards as a dynamic communication tool to help reach their goals. Two major uses we see for printed postcards are marketing and political campaigns. 

Marketing Campaigns  

Postcards play a crucial role in marketing strategies. The concise format and visually appealing design of marketing mail postcards make them ideal for promoting products, services, or events. Marketers leverage marketing mail postcards in a marketing campaign where they’re looking to reach a targeted audience, showcasing special offers, introducing new products, or driving traffic to businesses. The tangible nature of postcards enhances brand visibility and fosters direct engagement with potential customers, making it the perfect fit for a direct mail campaign.   

Political Campaigns 

Postcards have become integral to political campaigns, providing a tangible and impactful way to communicate with voters. Direct mail campaign postcards, available in different sizes, serve as effective tools for conveying key messages, candidate information, and campaign updates. The personalized touch of postcards allows political candidates to establish a direct connection with voters, making them a valuable asset during elections.   

The World of Postcard Sizes 

While you can always create custom postcard sizes, there are a variety of standard size options that printers offer. Keep these postcard dimensions in mind when working on postcard design options because the different postcard format choices have different purposes and prices.  

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6×4 Postcard 

-Size (Inches):6×4  

– Size (Centimeters): 15.24×10.16  

– Size (Millimeters): 152.4×101.6  

– Common Uses: Ideal for brief messages, invitations, and announcements. Commonly seen in personal mail and small-scale marketing.  

8×6 Postcard 

– Size (Inches): 8×6 

– Size (Centimeters): 20.32×15.24 

– Size (Millimeters): 203.2×152.4 

– Common Uses: Offers a larger canvas for more detailed messages. Suitable for event promotions, product launches, and targeted marketing.  

11×6 Postcard 

– Size (Inches): 11×6 

– Size (Centimeters): 15.24×27.94 

– Size (Millimeters): 279.4×152.4 

– Common Uses: Provides an expansive space for comprehensive content. Ideal for event invitations, marketing campaigns, and impactful announcements.  

9×4 Postcard 

– Size (Inches): 9×4  

– Size (Centimeters): 22.86×10.16 

– Size (Millimeters): 228.6×101.6 

– Common Uses: A popular choice for business promotions, service offerings, and concise messaging. Fits well in standard-sized envelopes.  

11×8.5 Postcard 

– Size (Inches): 11×8.5  

– Size (Centimeters): 27.94 x21.59 

– Size (Millimeters): 279.4 x 215.9 

– Common Uses: Offers a larger format suitable for detailed information, product showcases, and impactful visuals. Ideal for marketing collateral and announcements.  

9×6 Postcard   

– Size (Inches): 9×6 

– Size (Centimeters): 22.86 x1 5.24 

– Size (Millimeters): 228.6 x1 52.4 

– Common Uses: Strikes a balance between compactness and space. Suitable for a variety of purposes, including event promotions, announcements, and personalized greetings.  

How to Choose the Right Size for Your Message 

What is the purpose of your postcard? Understanding the common uses of each postcard size empowers you to choose the right canvas for your message. Whether you’re aiming for political campaigning, event promotions, or personal announcements, different postcard dimensions have their unique advantages. Dive into the details and gain insights into the best practices for designing postcard marketing that resonate with your audience.    

What are the other types of direct mail? 

Postcards aren’t the only option you have. Direct mail is a versatile marketing strategy with various types to suit different content, goals, and target audiences. Here are some other popular types of direct mail: 

Catalogs: Catalogs are visually appealing pieces of direct mail marketing that showcase products or services with vivid images and detailed information. They are effective in reaching both consumers and businesses.  

Letters & Envelopes: When dealing with sensitive or private information, letters and envelopes are the expected choice. Branded envelopes and letters not only deliver content but also contribute to lead generation, brand recognition, and professionalism. They are commonly used for text-heavy content like newsletters. 

Self-Mailers: Self-mailers are direct mail marketing formats that don’t require envelopes. They are a type of larger postcard that provides more space for detailed content, making them suitable for products, services, announcements, and offers. Self-mailers engage readers instantly, making them effective in consumer households and with existing customer bases. 

Dimensional Mailers: Dimensional mailers stand out as the most unique type, offering either 3D or pop-up designs. Pop-up mail unfolds to reveal design elements, while 3D mail can take various shapes. Although dimensional mailers can be expensive, they have high response rates. They are particularly effective for interactive direct mail pieces, providing a wow factor to customers and prospects. 

Elevate Your Communication with Postcards 

Understanding each standard postcard size opens the possibilities for effective communication. Whether you’re a business owner, event organizer, or someone looking to send a heartfelt message, understanding the dimensions and common uses of postcard sizes is key.   

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