The Power of Kitting on the Fly

Have you ever heard of kitting on the fly? This term might be unfamiliar to you but don’t be surprised, its popularity is skyrocketing and we’re here to help you understand why. In the blog, we’ll go over the term “kitting on the fly”, and the upsides to this strategy, and help you decide if this is an option worth considering.  Kitting on the Fly

What is kitting on the fly? 

Like all business solutions, kitting on the fly was developed in response to a business challenge. The challenge at hand pertained to the time-intensive nature of the kitting processes. Prolonged and inflexible kitting procedures were giving rise to delivery delays and amplifying overall expenses, posing significant challenges for the affected companies. The solution to these problems has been labeled “kitting on the fly” meaning, real-time assembly of kits and packages that adapt to changing demands and reduce waste. Careful planning, skilled staff, and intelligent technology allow kitting-on-the-fly fulfillment providers to create customized kits with flexibility in a speedy manner.  

What are the upsides to kitting on the fly?  

Speedy Kitting: Like the name implies a swift and dynamic approach to kitting solutions. Rapid responsiveness to market shifts and customer demands empowers the immediate assembly of kits based on real-time information. 

Smarter Customization: The trick to kitting on the fly hinges upon its inherent flexibility, stemming from the elimination of pre-assembly which grants the ability to craft kits on demand.  

A Cut in Costs: An optimized assembly process like kitting on the fly reduces unnecessary inventory and storage costs.  

Who can benefit from on-the-fly kitting? 

Kitting on the fly isn’t for everyone! If you’re wondering whether this is right for your business or not, consider your needs and the challenges you’ve faced. Has your business experienced delays, inaccuracies, and increased costs from kitting solutions that aren’t doing the trick? We’ve seen companies from all different industries benefit from kitting-on-the-fly solutions. A few businesses that benefit from the flexibility and customization of kitting on the fly include eCommerce businesses, subscription box services, healthcare providers, and educational suppliers and institutions.   

Overcome These Challenges with BR’s Kitting Solutions 

Our on-the-fly kitting system empowers you to assemble kits and packages in real time, adapting to changing demands and reducing waste. The fulfillment experts at BR tailor a fulfillment solution that helps you overcome these challenges.   

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