How Do Our Fulfillment Centers Work?

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Curious about how our fulfillment centers work? Learn from and share the infographic above! As your 3PL provider, BR can directly integrate with your sales channels and shopping carts, including eBay, Amazon, and Shopify, to package and ship directly to your customers. Real-time reporting of product stocking levels, reorder reminders, and order fulfillment status provides you 24/7 visibility. While there are so many small steps that are unseen in the fulfillment process, the steps below are a simple glance into how we handle your fulfillment & 3PL.  

  1. Inventory is stored in our warehouse 
  2. Your eCommerce channels integrate into our systems 
  3. Customers place orders 
  4. Our team picks the ordered items and batches off pallets 
  5. Customers orders are packed and labeled 
  6. Carriers pick packages up from us 
  7. Packages are delivered to your customers 

If your customers have returns and exchanges, we handle that too! 

Call us now to get more out of your 3PL! 

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