Breaking Records at BR San Jose

55 Million Pages Produced on the HP T230 Inkjet Web Press

BR Printers of San Jose, CA, set a North American record for pages produced on the HP
T230 Inkjet Web Press in March 2023. The BR San Jose team remarkably produced 55
million pages.

“Great achievements don’t come overnight. It requires focus and perseverance. This achievement is a result of 18 months of making minor adjustments in workflow and cross-training every day. Learning each team member’s strengths and doubling down on those strengths,” noted Reza Takeshi, Plant Operations Manager of BR San Jose. “We experiment with different processes and workflows. Most fail but some work and we simply do more of what works. The trick is building small teams that work extremely efficiently together. It all starts with setting goals and communicating those goals to everyone on our team. Making sure all know what’s expected from them and keeping them accountable.”

To place this achievement in perspective, the estimated productivity of the HP T230 is
up to 50 million pages in pristine conditions. The BR San Jose team topped that mark
by over 5 million additional pages.

“We congratulate the T230 production team in San Jose for its outstanding success in setting this milestone production record,” said David Gall, Chief Strategy Officer, and SVP of BR Printers. “This is a testament to our outstanding workforce. We’re honored to have each of them on our team.” David with his signature smile stated, “I look forward to congratulating the team when they break the record again later this year.”