Why Go Large (Format)

Businesses continue to integrate large format signs into their marketing strategy, but why? Large format print can complement and strengthen their other marketing avenues while reaching customers in a way digital marketing can’t.  

Printed materials are more engaging than digital advertisements, which are often skimmed over in less than 15 seconds — if they’re noticed at all. But when consumers see and feel something tangible, they’re more likely to remember and act on it. Large format printing elicits the same reaction.  

Find out why businesses everywhere turn to large format printing solutions in this infographic and the blog below. Want a refresher on large format printing? Check out our recent blog: Large Format Printing 101. 

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Increase Brand Recognition & Visibility – It’s hard to miss! 

Undoubtedly, one of the benefits of oversized printing is that it improves brand visibility — literally! This type of marketing increases brand awareness and recognition. In saturated markets, it can be difficult to make a lasting impression. But when you utilize large format print material like a custom banner, sign, or decal you’re bound to stand out from the crowd. 

Oversized Printing Captures Attention  

Obviously, marketing on a large scale is going to catch the eye, even from great distances. Realize a much better ROI when you attract customers to your location from down the street. With your brand and message clearly visible and legible from afar, you don’t have to worry that your investment isn’t getting noticed. Large formats capture your audience’s attention and reels them in, which translates into a better consumer experience, increased sales, and greater brand loyalty. 

Large-Scale Printing is Versatile 

Best of all, oversized and wide format printing can be utilized on all sorts of marketing materials. Large format signs, trade show displays, window graphics, and other large format signage utilize oversized printing to get businesses noticed — no matter what medium is used. Think creatively and use these marketing materials in new ways to promote your brand consistently inside and out. Large format digital printing is a versatile and captivating way to engage your audience, increase your visibility, and inspire action 

Go BIG – Print With BR Printers 

BR Printers started as an educational and trade printer in San Jose, CA but now we’ve diversified our capabilities and national footprint. We’re happy to be based in San Jose, CA with facilities in San Diego, CADenver, COAppleton, WICincinnati, OH, and Independence, KY, BR is now a large format printer, commercial printer, book printer, label printer,  and a provider of promotional products, value chain, and logistics management to marketers and the publishing industry’s most recognizable names.     

With a wide range of large format printing solutions and products, we can quickly create large format graphic signs and displays that fit any location or occasion.  At BR Printers we offer a wide range of large format printing services and solutions that support all your ideas. Let your professional graphic design services help with your projects. Our dedicated customer services reps facilitate quick turns and expedited delivery times. 

Contact us. Our talented Large Format Graphics team is ready to build a solution that delights your audience and rewards you with increased reach and brand awareness.