13 Trade Show Materials to Complete Your Booth

There are a lot of moving parts that go into the planning and execution of a successful trade show booth. There are many décor options, it can be easy to forget a few make-or-break elements. This trade show packing list will cover all the commercial print and marketing materials you’ll need to draw attendees into your booth and leave them interested and educated.

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1. Brochures

Single-page or folding brochures are a piece of marketing collateral that shares information and visuals about a product or service.

Brochures can introduce consumers to your business, products, or services. They can also be used to educate customers about a specific product, service, or event. When planning your brochure content, consider why you’re attending the trade show. Fill your brochure with content that supports those efforts.

2. Banners

Banners can be placed next to your table or in front of your booth. Banners are large, which means they’re used to grab the attention of attendants and share simple messages, products, or services. To optimize storage, you can get a retractable banner that rolls into the base of the stand.

3. Displays & Backgrounds

Displays and backgrounds can be anything from tall banners framing your trade show booth or hanging displays. This is where you get to be creative. Trade show displays are meant to represent your brand by showcasing company logos, colors, and taglines. This simple item can make your break the traffic you get at your tradeshow booth.

4. Promotional Products

Branded products are known as promo merch, swag, or promotional products. Common promotional products for a trade show are tote bags, t-shirts, pens, and hats. Promotional products are one of the most successful tools for spreading awareness at a trade show. If your promo merch is useful, fun, or high-quality trade show attendees will hold onto it for years to come.

5. Business Cards

Business cards are classic networking tools. By collecting attendees’ business cards and sharing your business cards, your network and business can grow.

6. Catalogs

Typical catalogs are books or booklets featuring products and services offered by a company. It’s very common for trade show booths to have catalogs laid out for potential or current customers to glance through a company’s full list of capabilities. Catalogs are a great place to showcase your branding and educate consumers about your business.

7. Flags

Flags are a great option for trade shows. Similar to banners, flags for tradeshows are tall and usually feature a company’s logo, tagline, and colors. While flags are very simple, they’re eye-catching and dynamic.

8. Table Throws

Whether your booth is big or small, you’ll want table throws. Table covers don’t only add to the ambiance of your booth but also provide an opportunity to show off your logo.

9. Name Tags

Many trade shows provide nametags for you and the team at your booth. If your show doesn’t provide name tags, you’ll want to get them printed. Name tags are inviting and help attendees remember you and your booth.

10. Postcards

What are postcards: Postcards are small pieces of marketing collateral that add to a booth’s display and are given out to attendees. Similar to catalogs, flyers, and brochures you can choose to share content on your postcards that support your goals for the event. Looking to increase your digital presence and social following? Add a QR code to your postcard and see attendees flock to your feed.

11. Flyers

What are flyers: Flyers are a bigger version of postcards. This one sheeter is the perfect opportunity to give a little more information and background on your products or company. If you’re attending a trade show you’ve never been to before, throw your mission and values on the back of your flyer and show your attendees what your company stands for.

12. Posters

Posters are used at tradeshows to hang in booths or on easels. You could use posters to highlight a product or share a testimonial.

13. Floor Decals

Floor decals are a unique choice for tradeshow materials. Many booths opt to print floor decals instead of carpeting the floor of their booth. This is another opportunity to share your branding and messaging with your audience.

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