State of Print: Capacity, Redundancy, and Streamlined Customer Experience 

“The State of Print” is an ongoing series by BR Printers, featuring insights from our printing experts on industry challenges, developments, and the future of print. It serves as a valuable resource for businesses and individuals involved in the printing industry. In this article, we dive into a conversation with Account Executive Andrew Gall, who sheds light on the importance of capacity and redundancy for book publishers printing. 


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The Capacity Advantage: Leading the Way in a Rapidly Evolving Industry 

BR Printers has established itself as a trailblazer in the United States by embracing both traditional offset printing and cutting-edge digital printing technologies. Over the past three years, we have achieved significant advancements, effectively doubling our offset and digital printing capacity. This growth has provided us with firsthand insights into the direct correlation between capacity and turnaround times. 

According to Gall, “Over the last decade, the printing industry has seen a digital printing revolution that has complimented traditional printing methods. A vast effort of educating clients by printers, OEMs, and paper companies helped transform certain printing verticals by utilizing digital inkjet and toner printing methods. BR has been unique as we started in the digital printing space and have expanded into the offset space. Managing offset and digital production environments often involves different workflows and systems. BR has been able to combine best practices from both manufacturing platforms which has enabled a unique flexibility to our production offerings. By doubling our capacity, we have been able to truly provide nimble execution of projects or programs of large or small scope in desired timeframes.” 

The Value of Redundancy for Publishers 

Redundancy serves as the foundation for a reliable printing partnership between publishers and book printers. When discussing the importance of redundancy for publishers printing, Gall explains, “as in many manufacturing environments, unexpected challenges will arise, and contingency plans must be executed to avoid failure of expectations. BR has created a network of mirrored facilities that allow us to move work seamlessly when a crucial pivot is needed in manufacturing.  In a world full of problems, having a reliable partner that can offer solutions before a major issue has erupted is invaluable. BR Prides itself as being an integral part of our customers’ supply chains and having manufacturing redundancy is an insurance policy many providers cannot offer.” 

Transforming the Book Client Experience through Enhanced Redundancy 

In 2023 alone, BR Printers has made numerous pivotal equipment additions. Reflecting on the recent improvements in redundancy at BR Printers, Gall shares, “BR has invested heavily over the last few years in expanding our infrastructure and team to support the growth of our network. Every minute in manufacturing is crucial, and our recent investments in proprietary systems and efficient practices has built the path for a smooth customer experience. We now have multiple of the same presses and finishing equipment in various facilities in the country. The added investments have not only improved turnaround times but have allowed us to support products and offerings that a normal book manufacturer may not offer. We have been able to understand our customer’s challenges intimately and create a supply chain resource that focuses on company-specific deliverables. This ultimately allows our customers to reduce managing a sea of variables that could derail operations and sales.” 

In today’s dynamic book publishing landscape, a book publisher understands the significance of capacity and redundancy for their project. As the demand for high-quality books continues to grow, it becomes crucial for printed book manufacturers to invest in expanding their capacity and implementing redundancy measures. By doubling capacity at BR Printers, we can ensure that publishers’ projects are handled efficiently, regardless of their size or complexity. Additionally, the presence of redundancy provides a sense of security, assuring book clients that their projects will progress smoothly even in the face of unexpected obstacles. The combination of increased capacity and robust redundancy not only enhances the overall publishing experience but also strengthens the relationship between printed book clients and manufacturers, paving the way for successful collaborations and exceptional literary creations. 

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