State of Print: Domestic Printing & Enhancing Turn Times

“The State of Print” is an ongoing series by BR Printers, featuring insights from our printing experts on industry challenges, developments, and the future of print. It serves as a valuable resource for businesses and individuals involved in the printing industry. In this article, we dive into overseas book printing and turnaround times with Susan Ginch, East Coast VP of Sales at NGS. 


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A Look at Domestic & Overseas Book Printing 

Publishers are constantly teetering between overseas book printing and printing in the United States. With market shifts in price and demand, many publishers are sticking with their trusted domestic printers, but why? What are the benefits of printing in the United States?  

One of the primary factors driving publishers to choose domestic printers are scheduling concerns. Susan Ginch, East Coast VP of Sales at NGS, who works closely with some of the top publishers in the United States has observed that “while production turnaround times may be similar for US and overseas suppliers, the transit time from China can add up to two months to the overall schedule.” In addition to scheduling efficiency, many publishers turn to American printers who may have lower transportation costs than overseas providers and a low-risk supply chain. Personal preference for sustainability, political reasons, and patriotism may also impact a publisher’s decision to print in the United States.  

Exploring Enhanced Turnaround Times   

United States print manufactures know that turnaround times are important for their publishing clients. Susan Ginch explains that “production delays can impact a publisher’s bottom line in the form of lost sales. Our publishing clients need to be assured that they will get their publications to market on time, even when unexpected problems arise. BR’s many layers of redundancy, allow us to be nimble and offer alternative solutions as needed. BR offers publishers the invaluable benefit of risk reduction with a targeted strategy of building equipment redundancy into our expanding brand.”  

The Value of a One-Stop Shop 

In addition to reliable project timelines, many publishers are also looking for a book printer who can offer a wide range of print services. There is time and money that can be freed up by reducing the number of vendors a publisher’s operations, procurement, and marketing teams must communicate with. Ginch shares that “BR’s offset and digital services are very complementary and offer natural areas of overlap. Our facilities serve many of the same markets, and each of our teams have extensive knowledge and experience in these markets, primarily educational and children’s publishing. Our extensive expansion of digital capacity, act as a not only a redundancy for short run print services, but also offers an efficient alternative to traditional low quantity offset printing.   

BR’s significant investments and growing resources offer more options for publishers looking to find the right fit.” 

Go Above and Beyond Ink with BR Printers 

With ongoing investments and expanding resources, a domestic printer like BR Printers serve as a reliable partner for a publishing house. BR Printers has the printing industry expertise and equipment to handle your digital printing, inkjet printing, or offset printing projects. Based in San Jose, CA, with facilities in San Diego, CA, Denver, CO, Appleton, WI, Cincinnati, OH, and Independence, KY, BR is a provider of print and marketing services, commerical printing, promotional products, packaging, value chain, and logistics management to marketers and the publishing industry’s most recognizable names. BR’s national footprint, combined with a solution-centric focus, allows it to leverage data and technology while maintaining an appreciation and respect for traditional print craftsmanship.  

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