Complete Guide to E-commerce & Retail Product Packaging

Packaging is the first thing your customer sees on the shelf or their doorstep. Before your food, makeup, candle, toy, cocktail kit, or whatever product you’ve poured hours of time and energy into even has the chance to prove its excellence, the customer evaluates its packaging. Product packages have the power to impact customer decisions and brand perception but there is a variety of product packaging, packaging materials, and creative design choices. All these options can be overwhelming. Does your brand packaging need a face lift? This BR Printers packaging overview will go through everything you need to know about retail and ecommerce packaging in order to elevate your product packaging.  

The Influence of Product Packaging 

E-commerce and retail product packaging is used throughout nearly all industries, but not all companies take advantage of the opportunity custom packaging presents.  

Deepen Your Brand Identity 

Either your customer is picking up your product on a shelf or receiving it in the mail, so let’s discuss both options. First, let’s say you’re selling cookie dough and need retail product packaging. Your cookie dough is shrink wrapped and stored in a box on the shelf at grocery stores. This is your chance to be recognized by shoppers. Your product packaging can stand out on the shelf by showing customers the brand colors, logos, mascots, taglines, and images of the food they’re looking for. Our second scenario is if your product is showing up on your customers doorstep and you’re looking for ecommerce packaging. If you have an online store that sells granola bars where customers order multiple boxes of granola bars at a time, you’ll need to send a large box containing multiple granola bar product boxes. While you could ship these in a large plain corrugated box, you’re missing an opportunity to reinforce brand identity by customizing the box on the customers doorstep. On top of the classic branding options (logo, colors, taglines, etc.), you could include information about current campaigns, holidays, or even share your company’s eco-friendly values and encourage customers to recycle their packaging. 

Optimize User Experience 

Leave a first impression that lasts. When customers open your product, the last thing you want is to confuse or frustrate them. Custom boxes can be designed to open with ease, aesthetically fit your product, and include compartments to hold additional informational flyers, items, and pamphlets. Folding cartons can be customized to fit your products unique shape and easily share all the information your customer might need to know in order to use your product efficiently. If your selling a lotion, stored in a folding carton, shipped in an envelope. The quality of that envelope and folding carton also reflect the quality of your brand.  

Prioritize Safety  

Budgeting more for a durable box and protective packaging  that will ensure your package is in perfect condition upon arrival in store or through the mail can save you money and time that would be spent refunding and replacing damaged items. Avoid the hassle and backlash of product damage and protect your product with packaging that is shaped to fit your items. 

Did you know? 

72% of American consumers say that product packaging design influences their purchase decisions 

30% of business report an increase in revenue after improving product packaging 

74% of consumers report that honesty and transparency in product labeling builds consumer trust 

52% of online shoppers that receive their order in custom packaging say they are more likely to return to that same company for future orders 

Types of Product Packaging

What type of packaging is best suited for your product? A product box, folding carton, mailer box, shipping box, or a sleeve? A few factors can help determine which route is best for your product. Consider the shape, size, and durability of your product along with the method of packaging you’re looking for (ecommerce packaging vs. Retail packaging). Browse through the types of product packaging offered by BR Printers below to determine what can deepen brand identity, optimize user experience, and prioritize safety.

Folding Cartons & Product Boxes 

Mailer Boxes

Shipping Boxes  

Padded Mailers 



Clever Branding Moves for Product Packaging 

Add meaningful items to spice up your product packaging! These ideas are used by brands as another opportunity to enhance consumer experiences, build brand recognition, make announcements, and more. 

Crinkle paper  

Crinkle paper looks great in any color AND helps to protect your item from shifting during shipping.  

Tissue Paper 

Similar to crinkle paper, tissue paper has functional benefits during your products journey and looks amazing when customers open your package.  

Commercial Print Materials  

Commercial print materials are commonly included in product packaging. This is an affordable way to share a little about your business and products. Get creative with your commercial print materials; share your business’s history, mission, and values. Include a pamphlet with easy directions. Showcase your sustainability efforts!  

Free Promotional Products 

People love free items. Throw in a few free promotional products featuring your company’s branding such as a sticker, pen, keychain, or pin. 

Tease/sample your next product 

If your product packaging has enough room, include a small sample or teaser of your newest product. This is a great way to spread awareness and encourage customers to keep an eye out for the latest and greatest things your business is creating. 

Coupons for future orders 

Want to encourage customers to reorder? Want to boost sales for a different product? Place a coupon in your folidng carton, product boxes, mailer boxes, shipping boxes, padded mailers, and bags. 

Add a Thank You Note 

Add a personal touch to your product with a thank you note. Whether you have the time to handwrite thank you notes, or print thank you notes, it’s important to show your customers your appreciation.  

Why Partner with BR Printers for your Packaging Solutions? 

Along with print and marketing solutions, at BR Printers we provide a custom luxury packaging solution that can be engineered to provide optimal protection for products during shipping and handling and high-quality appearance for retail display. Our packaging experts work with some of the largest food, beauty, and retail brands in the United States to create fashionable and functional retail packaging boxes and ecommerce packaging. If you want to collaborate with people who can go above and beyond your product packaging needs in a timely manner, contact us today.