5 Reasons Print Media Works In The Digital Age

You don’t have to choose between digital and print media. One compliments the other, working hand-in-hand reaching your target audience with content they’ll remember and act upon. Share this infographic or article to show others why print is thriving!

Print raises brand awareness

First and foremost, printed material is vital for reinforcing brand awareness. The more outlets through which consumers see your brand, the further it reinforces brand credibility. There is also something reassuring about print in comparison to the unknown of the world wide web. The physicality of a tangible catalog or brochure might be enough to sway some customers to purchase.

Print helps you get noticed

Standing out from the crowd can be tricky, but when printing there is an increased chance of being noticed. As people suffer through digital and email inundation, print cuts through the noise. Even if the recipient discards the printed material, your brand has registered at a glance.

Print tells a story

Printed brochures, flyers, direct mail, signage and more are a great outlet for inspiring the consumer. They do a wonderful job of storytelling, showcasing a brand and its value. As people actively choose to disconnect from digital media, print gives your customers the chance to unplug and digest your marketing messages at their leisure. Much like the stories in a book, printed content is a traditional media that allows the consumer to immerse themselves in your brand promise and products or services.

Print provides more space for the details

We love to be informed and educated. Print gives marketers the opportunity to do that. While digital pop-ups, banner ads, and other digital advertising make their best effort to catch the consumer’s attention, printed material contains the details consumers seek. Brands that take advantage of print and provide the information consumers are looking for, sell more products.

Print allows for more effective target marketing

Print content can be more effective than online content for target marketing and reaching a niche target audience. If you can identify the content consumers want, you can reach them more effectively with variable print. Studies show that print is processed differently by our brains than digital media, leaving a more significant imprint. Therefore, if you target a consumer with print they have more of a chance of remembering your brand and recalling advertising detail.

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