Optimizing Production, Kitting, Fulfillment, and Inventory Management with BR

Company Background

Our client, a prominent educational publisher, faced significant logistical challenges as their catalog of educational materials expanded. Their extensive product range, from textbooks to supplementary educational resources, required efficient printing, kitting, and distribution to meet the needs of educational institutions and individual customers.


The main challenge was to streamline the supply chain to ensure accurate and timely delivery of educational materials, maintain high inventory accuracy, and manage costs effectively. The publisher’s in-house logistics capabilities were increasingly strained, resulting in delays, increased operational costs, and diminished customer satisfaction.


To address these challenges, the educational publisher outsourced their logistics and fulfillment operations to BR Printers, a trusted provider known for their comprehensive print, pick and pack, kitting, fulfillment, and 3PL services, as well as custom e-commerce solutions.


BR Printers offered a tailored logistics strategy that included:

Print Services: Providing high-quality printing for textbooks and educational materials to ensure product consistency and timely availability.

Pick and Pack Kitting: Streamlining the assembly and packaging of educational kits to enhance order accuracy and reduce processing time.

Fulfillment and 3PL: Implementing advanced fulfillment solutions and third-party logistics services to improve inventory management and delivery efficiency.

Custom E-Commerce Web Stores: Developing customized e-commerce web stores for internal and external stakeholders, enabling easy ordering, inventory management, and real-time tracking.

Additionally, the development of the custom e-commerce storefront enabled the introduction of BR Printers’ comprehensive enterprise capabilities. This included services such as promotional product and customer apparel sourcing, book printing, large format printing, packaging, and labeling, further enhancing the publisher’s ability to meet diverse market demands and streamline their operations.


Increased Efficiency: Streamlined print and fulfillment operations resulted in a marked increase in order processing speed.

Cost Savings: By leveraging BR Printers’ efficient logistics solutions, the publisher reduced overall operational costs significantly.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Improved delivery times and order accuracy led to a notable increase in customer satisfaction ratings.

Inventory Management: The custom e-commerce web stores provided stakeholders with seamless access to inventory data, reducing stockouts and overstock situations.


Outsourcing logistics and fulfillment to BR Printers enabled the educational publisher to focus on its core mission of providing quality educational content while ensuring its logistical operations were managed with precision and expertise. This strategic partnership not only optimized their supply chain but also positioned them for sustained growth and enhanced customer loyalty in a competitive market.

By leveraging BR Printers’ capabilities in print production, kitting, fulfillment, and custom e-commerce solutions, the publisher transformed their supply chain into a robust, efficient, and cost-effective system. This case study demonstrates that the right 3PL partnership can significantly enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction for businesses facing logistical challenges.