Employee Spotlight: NGS Exceeds Healthcare Customers’ Expectations

NGS completes major healthcare directory project.

The NGS team has been all hands on finishing an impressively complex project that produces healthcare directories.

This is their 11th year completing this project and they are considered the #1 supplier for this, a testament to their experience and production quality. The results include 1.5 million perfect binding units in three weeks, 21 consecutive days of 12-hour shifts and nearly $1,000 of production for other customers.

NGS President Philip Kemppainen says: “I am proud of our team at NGS and am constantly amazed at how we come together as a team to over-deliver on very complicated projects like the healthcare directories we are finishing right now.  Our team led by Pat Pearce, Pete DeWolf, Eric Laurent, Dan Paul, Annette Zoromski, Robb Riekki, Rob Johnson, Dave Pichler, Jen Vang and the entire NGS production team are on the same page constantly delivering to our customers.”

John Edwards, President of BR East, comments: “I am always very impressed with the way the NGS team consistently delivers complex projects on time, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.” Congratulations to NGS on this achievement.

Project requirements:  

  • HIPPA Level Training 
  • Significant Data Security 
  • ZERO DEFECT requirement for each order (all orders are unique printing) 

Creation of over 525 Makereadies on Web Press (150 orders x 3.5sections = 525) 

The entire NGS plant is all hands in for this project (People schedule vacations around this project) 

We are seen as THE #1 Vendor for this project 

  • 1.5 million perfect bind units in 3 weeks 
  • 150 Orders 
  • Shipments vary but the first push is 150 (same as # of orders) and then fulfillment daily throughout the year 
  • 21 straight days of 12-hour shifts 
  • Still managed to ship almost $1,00,000 for other customers 
  • Managed 1,000,000 lbs. of rolls plus cover stock 

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