Corporate Gifting Trends for the 2023 Holiday Season

When it comes to corporate gifting trends, 2023 has brought some very interesting statistics into play. We know that companies can elevate brand loyalty and foster positive consumer engagement with personalized gifts, but what is the real impact of a corporate gift in 2023? At BR Printers, we specialize in helping businesses select branded promotional items that resonate with their clients, employees, and prospects. Explore the latest corporate gifting trends from the 2023 research findings of PPAI to ensure your business gifts are cherished and utilized. 

The Significance of Thoughtful Gifts 

A significant corporate gifting trend this year is the giving of thoughtful promotional business giftsWhat defines a thoughtful promotional gift? It’s a gift carefully chosen with the recipient’s preferences in mind. Unlike a generic branded item or gift card, thoughtful corporate gifts hold meaning, purpose, and value for the recipient, benefiting both them and your business. 






  • 50.3% of recipients of thoughtful corporate holiday gifts are inclined to increase their business with the company. 
  • 50.1% are likely to recommend the company after receiving a thoughtful holiday gift. 
  • 41.6% are inclined to leave a positive review for the company. 
  • 27.4% engage with social media after receiving a thoughtful corporate holiday gift. 
  • 20.1% subscribe to e-newsletters. 
  • 17.7% visit the company website. 

Top 2023 Holiday Promotional Product Categories 

The most popular promotional product categories evolve each holiday season. According to PPAI’s 2023 studies, this year’s favorites are: 

  • Apparel & Fashion 
  • Food & Beverage 
  • Wellness & Self-Care 
  • Tech Gadgets 
  • Home Décor 

The Relationship Between Brand Loyalty and Holiday Corporate Gifts 

Holiday gifts wield both immediate and lasting effects on customers, employees, and prospects, especially when personalized. Personalized gifts, whether they’re handwritten notes or name-engraved items, enhances the impact. 

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  • 51% deeply appreciate a personalized message accompanying their holiday gift. 
  • 70% believe that the perceived value or uniqueness of the gift heightens their brand loyalty. 
  • 85% report that the thoughtfulness of their holiday gift influenced their brand perception. 
  • 80% find a holiday gift from their employer to be meaningful. 

Experience the Magic of Thoughtful Gifts this Holiday Season with BR Printers 

The corporate gifting market is always shifting, but these insights help brands and their promo distributors make informed decisions about every corporate gift they select during the holiday season. At BR Printers, we understand the transformative effect of a personalized gift on your team and your consumers. With a carefully curated selection of custom offerings, our team is committed to making this holiday season truly special. Whether you’re curating a client gift or cool presents for your employees, contact us today to embark on a season filled with heartfelt promotional gifts. 

Source: PPAI Flipbook 

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