Fulfillment Simplified

Fulfillment simplified

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “fulfillment”? Probably Amazon, the vast internet-based company selling books, music, movies, housewares, electronics, toys…you get the picture. Amazon sells direct or acts as a middleman between other retailers and the consumer, fulfilling orders from vast warehouses around the globe.

Not many companies have the resources to fund extensive fulfillment operations like Amazon to distribute their products. That’s where BR Fulfillment and 3PL solutions fit.

What are fulfillment services?

A fulfillment service is a third-party warehouse that prepares and ships orders for a business that sell products to other businesses or direct to consumers. Ecommerce fulfillment services are ideal for businesses that don’t have the resources to build, maintain and staff warehouse, inventory and shipping operations or have outgrown existing capabilities to the point where they’re unable to ship orders in a timely manner themselves anymore.

What does a fulfillment center do?

While each fulfillment center operates slightly different, they all accomplish the same thing — they act as a command center for receipt of orders, order prepping, packing and logistics. Fulfillment centers also double as warehouses providing inventory storage, including automated replenishment notifications when item levels run low.

BR’s nationally dispersed centers allow us to serve multiple geographic locations quicker than vendors having just one, permitting ecommerce companies to deliver quickly and affordably to a wide customer base.

No two programs are alike, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all fulfillment solution. BR’s size and scale allows us to build solutions that meet the immediate needs of a company and grow with them.

Learn more about our services: https://www.brprinters.com/solutions/fulfillment-3pl/

Contact me, your account executive or info@brprinters.com to discuss your fulfillment needs.


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