Books cultivate a love of learning

Reading physical books is critical to a child’s development and fostering a love of learning. Numerous pieces of research have discovered the profound benefits of reading for a child’s development. One study details the effects of reading on later literacy skills, facilitating social interaction between adults and children, and encouraging children to engage with the world around them. It also emphasizes reading as a ‘stable source of information’ throughout a child’s life. This stability allows them to access text in a consistent fashion and can be especially beneficial for children growing up in challenging circumstances.

Reading can have multiple benefits on a child’s development, including:

  1. Their vocabulary is larger and more extensive.
  2. They perform better academically.
  3. Their imagination can run wild.
  4. Their creativity skills develop.
  5. They develop empathy.
  6. They gain a deeper understanding of their world.
  7. Their concentration levels improve.
  8. The parent and child bond improves.
  9. Their cognitive development is supported.
  10. Their social skills and interaction improve.

Children exposed to the stories, pictures, photos and images in books become curious learners and lifelong readers. In fact, this quote sums it all up, “A child who comes from a home with just 25 books will, on average, complete 2 more years of school than a child from a home with no books.”

That is why we love what we do at BR/NGS. We help make a difference in the world by being a part of an essential foundation of learning, reading. Pick up a book and read to your children or grandchildren today!

FREADOM Literacy For All