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Direct Mail Customer Story

Direct Mail and Fulfillment Customer Success Story

 International non-profit boosts donations and saves money with

direct mail and fulfillment automation

The Challenge

  • Complex mailing and fulfillment taking too long to reach sponsors and field staff

  • Higher postage costs from disorganized mailing process

  • Limited resources to execute daily segmented mailings

  • No time to spend growing sponsorships and overall mission

The Solution

  • Data and fulfillment automation streamlined end-to-end execution to hours, not weeks

  • Design and mailing methods saved thousands per year in postage that could go back to the cause

  • Continually increased efficient communication between sponsors and their children to encourage additional sponsorship

The Story

Client is an international child development ministry that connects caring individuals with children in poverty. They provide children with the resources and opportunities they need to rise above their circumstances through 1-to-1 sponsorships.

Building sponsorships and programs that aided over 40,000 children in 14 countries has had an incredible impact. But the communications required are incredibly complex. Any single contact or activity could generate up to 500 different combinations of personalized letters and materials.

Printing, assembling, and mailing was taking their current direct mail vendor weeks, not hours, to get processed and into the mail stream. Losing potential donors and retaining current sponsors was becoming a risk.

Plus, the Client staff had extra work to get the job done and valuable resources were being taken away from expanding the mission.

It was time to make a change. They needed to find a capable partner who could effectively manage their data and printing needs to keep their sponsor/child relationships strong and their ministry growing.

The Solution

The Client wanted a direct marketing company that understood their complex data and fulfillment needs. From the very first discussion, the client knew that Endpoint Direct understood their business and the challenge to connect the dots. The proposal included how to:

  • Produce high-volume, personalized printed correspondence quickly -- while being nimble enough to send to individual requests, prospects and new sponsorships.

  • Have a local connection that could help with the data and design and logic -- but execute production, data, and mail services on a global scale.

  • Stay within a budget that kept more money going to the mission

The team at Endpoint Direct helped them do that… and a lot more.

The Results


What used to take days, now is done in hours.

Endpoint Direct automated what used to be complex, manual processes that were managed in a spreadsheet. Now, any single communication request triggers the system to merge the data, match what needs to be fulfilled, and send the job out to the production floor… fast.

With Endpoint Direct as a strategic marketing partner the teams worked together to define new processes that:

  • Increased open rates using the newest materials and design innovations

  • Greatly improved timely communication resulting in higher sponsor retention rates

  • Leveraged mailing expertise to save thousands of dollars annually on postage

  • Free up their staff to focus on the mission

Best of all, more children in need are receiving

the opportunities and resources better than before.

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