Complete Web-to-Print Solution.

Take control of your ordering system. By fully automating the process, we make it easier to access the most dynamic printing services we offer.

BR’s digital PoD capabilities open up major opportunities for projects that are complex and variable, but in order to utilize them, we needed an ordering system to match.
BR is leading the PoD industry with our fully-customizable ordering platform that let unlimited numbers of a client’s end-users create and customize orders on their own, when and how they need it. By fully automating the process, we make it easier to access the most dynamic printing services we offer.

The game-changing aspect of our portal technology is how adaptable it is to the order in question, and how easy it is to use. Our staff can tailor the portal to adapt to whatever customizable fields are necessary, different currencies, different language/character sets, and even different per-order management approval processes such as those that are commonly necessary for business cards. Should the requirements of the order type change, our technicians can quickly and easily adapt to the change. The interface is designed so intuitively that no extra training is necessary to use it, although, a customer service is always available during business hours.

To deal with printing jobs that have large volumes of variable-print orders at small volumes, such as business cards, stationary, or marketing literature, dozens of different franchises in different industries have trusted our platforms to handle literally thousands of their employees across the globe. Not only does this remove the burden on our clients to deal with procurement themselves, it makes the tracking and accounting of these orders even easier. BR’s portal clients include companies such as eBay, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, and Western Athletic Clubs. Clients receive a single itemized bi-monthly bill for all products ordered through their online stores.

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