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Partner with BR Printers today and discover professional bookstore quality printing and time-saving Self-Publishing solutions.

To validate BR’s ability to thrive in the hyper-competitive publishing industry, look no further than the fact that some of the largest publishers in the world trust us with their business. Companies in this industry are extremely demanding and have plenty of options to fulfill those needs, so we knew that only a complete package of desirable products could win them over.

They trust us, not just due to our across-the-board competitive pricing, but due to the array and flexibility of services that we offer. Our digital printing capabilities allow us to out-bid our larger competitors in smaller batch sizes than they could possibly complete efficiently. Our Print on Demand model reduces both wasted inventory and production time. We print in both color and black and white at all three of our production facilities across the U.S., allowing for quick and flexible distribution. Our flexibility is so great that we can even “Drop Ship,” if the order becomes urgent, delivering straight to the destination point rather than the publisher themselves.

New upgrades to our industry-leading Ricoh InfoPrint 5000 makes us one of just two printers in the country utilizing the Extended Media Dryer, which makes our inkjet printing closer to offset than ever seen before. Read more about our unique configuration here.

However, where BR blows the competition away, is in its turnaround times. It is not uncommon for larger or more traditional printers to need up to six weeks notice before starting an order, however, BR will start producing your order immediately after it is confirmed; not only that, digital printing enables us to print the order much faster than traditional offset. Combine the two factors, and BR is in a league of its own in turnaround times.

If you wonder how important turnaround time, flexible printing, and a full set of capabilities are to major publishing firms, just ask them yourself.
BR is the clear choice for those with 21st century publishing needs.

To find out more about our Publishing Solutions email us at or request a quote & we will respond the same day if requested by 5:00 PM Pacific time.


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