Fastest Time to Market.

Unlike some larger or more traditional competitors, Print on Demand (POD) is not a subset of BR’s product suite: it is the heart of our business model, and always has been.

Compared to traditional offset printing, digital PoD allows for much faster set-up and turnaround times, affordable short runs of any size, the ability to easily customize or update your document, drastic reductions in inventory storage, less environmental impact, and the alleviation of waste due to obsolescence. Customers print exactly what they need, precisely when they need it, saving themselves money, time, resources, storage space, and headaches.

All aspects of the company’s operations support or enhance its PoD services. BR’s systems for customer interactions, account management, supply, inventory, IT, logistics, and shipping increase the company’s competitive strengths across this core service, and each of BR’s three facilities is equipped to fully manage a client’s printing experience from conception to distribution.

Print on Demand is ideal for a host of common document forms, including business cards, stationery, training or marketing materials, technical manuals, product documentation kits, financials, custom book publishing, specialty printing, variable data printing, newsletters, pamphlets, and pre-press support documents; basically anything short of a traditional major-market book.

Our customers trust BR because we have been doing exactly these kinds of projects for over 20 years. When it comes to your printing needs, follow their lead and go with the printer that has a proven track record of providing solutions that are ideal for your needs, not what is most convenient for a traditional printing set up.

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