Print, Bind & Ship your Products Anywhere!

The best production in the world will not deliver real value to customers without logistics support to match.

The first step in creating a seamless customer experience is the ordering process, so BR now installs customized web portals on its clients’ internal websites that simplify ordering for clients with large user bases or complex content and variable data management needs. Once BR receives an order, our new industry-leading supply-chain approach and intimate knowledge of logistics assures the ideal equipment configuration and output device with the best price, quality and geographical location. This diverse approach allows for incredible flexibility in the types of products and services offered.

With the 2012 acquisition of Agilaire, a cutting-edge print logistics company, BR can now deliver on that promise better than any of its competitors. Agilaire’s innovative supply chain and product management solutions propelled the company into the ranks of the Bay Area’s 50 fastest growing private businesses, winning clients such as eBay, Sony, SAP, and Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

BR has three facilities that stretch across the United States, as well as partners in Europe and Asia, minimizing shipping times and maximizing savings. We invested in warehouses and tracking systems to allow for top-of-the-line supply management, that gives us incredible customer responsiveness in the broader shipping operation. Finally, we have kitting experts in all three of our facilities to ensure that products with multiple components are produced and shipped as seamlessly as any other.

Not many of our competitors have the kind of digital print production capabilities that we do, but none pair it with the kind of robust global logistics support that BR now offers. Our promise is to not let anything, including logistics, stand in the way of meeting our customers needs quicker and more completely than anyone else.

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