Adam DeMaestri:

Over twenty years ago, our company opened as an all-digital shop. Since then, we’ve been ahead of the curve on rebinding, print and packaging logistics, and custom publishing. People ask me all the time what gave us the inspiration to innovate like that, but the answer is really simple: it was the only logical thing to do when your focus is purely on the customer.

We do not offer 20th century products because our customers do not have 20th century needs. In the 21st century, production processes that work at the smallest scales for maximum agility and flexibility are needed to keep pace with the digitized universe of information.

Reports of printing’s demise may be exaggerated, but they have it half right: the old model, where a huge printing press runs off innumerable copies of the same product, is no longer relevant to our economy. However, advances in printing means that things only imaginable before, are now possible. BR offers customization advanced enough to take advantage of the data offered by a digital economy.

Our commitment is to provide solutions in response to our customer’s needs. By emphasizing innovation and utilizing our advanced digital capabilities, we aim to keep printing as relevant as ever. Where other firms fail, we succeed by offering a variety of in-house solutions, flexibly applied, with world class production and logistics.

Customers, partners, or anyone else can connect with me on LinkedIn or contact me at and I will gladly provide answers about our business, our employees, and our products.


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