The Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF), like many large organizations, had complex printing needs but not the printing expertise to match. Before BR, they had twenty-six different print suppliers in addition to their own in-house print shop, not a single one of which could communicate with its Enterprise Resource Planning system. The foundation had no art catalog, an overflowing inventory of obsolete items, and had run out of warehouse space for newly printed material. Costs were out of control, the inventory was not manageable, and the ordering and distribution processes were chaotic. Obviously, something needed to be done.

Today, through a partnership with BR, PAMF prints more than 1600 distinct items per year with a single source of vendor management, a single online ordering system for the foundation’s medical personnel, and a procurement program that greatly reduced strains on inventory. Oh yeah, and all the systems can communicate with each other.

The result was inventory controls, modern procurement practices, efficient and timely distribution of printed material, and incredible cost reduction. Doctors can now focus on the health of their patients; as opposed to, a lengthy ordering process for business cards.

Kara Taylor, the foundation’s Director of Materials Management, said their partnership with BR greatly improves both effectiveness and efficiency within our department.

Taylor went on to say, “I highly endorse their customer service and support!”