The publishing industry is facing evaporating margins, ever-larger stocks of unmovable inventory, and pressure to keep content as updated and flexible as the digital economy surrounding it. Traditional offset printing is too expensive, slow, and inflexible to solve any of these problems. Without an existing solution, three of the largest publishers in the world turned to BR for answers

Adam DeMaestri and the BR team mixed and matched their existing digital capabilities until they found a recipe that addressed all three issues simultaneously: clipping the binding of out-of-date editions, printing and inserting new custom content throughout the text, then rebinding the edition. A technical process was devised to make this concept a reality, so unmovable inventory became movable, the cost of printing a new edition dropped dramatically, and content was no longer doomed to obsolescence the minute it hit the shelves. Not only was this more profitable, it also used significantly fewer resources, which made the business greener and more sustainable than ever.

Rebinding opened up incredible and exciting opportunities in the realm of custom publishing. Professors can now order only the chapters of a textbook they intend to teach, combine multiple textbooks’ content into one edition, or even include some of their own work for the purposes of a single class. BR’s innovation delivers the type of quality and cost offered at large scales to content that is customized for an audience as small as one.

This dramatic innovation revolutionized the publishing world, and BR quickly became the largest rebinder in the industry. Although it rose to the position on the back of innovation, it maintains it to this day by leveraging all of its other more traditional capabilities. Shipping costs and turnaround times are lowered by having three locations spread across the country, orders are simplified through a fully automated process, and a full suite of traditional publishing options are available. This commitment to customer experience is why we’ve had nothing but additions to our rebinding clientele since 2005.

As successful as BR has been, we recognize the importance of always seeing around the next corner, aiming to custom publish textbooks at the same price point as a rebound edition. This would eliminate the need for existing inventories to achieve cost savings, and allow for customization that is essentially infinite.

When you have a publishing need, BR has a solution for today and for tomorrow.